In Mediterranean Way we know what to do to make your way to foreign trade easier. We are professionals with more than 15 years of experience in different areas of the internationalization of the company, dealing with all kinds of legal and commercial issues, until the final adaptation of the product to the target market.

International trade represents great opportunities and, in fact, is a fundamental step to take in the expansion of any company. Taking this step with professionals is essential to access in the safest and most effective way, minimizing risks and errors.

Our main line of business is the distribution of quality agri-food products, for which we have our own brands, but also, we have agreements with some of the main producers. We have a wide portfolio of products that represents the best of our cuisine and the so-called “Mediterranean lifestyle” or Mediterranean way of living.

The Mediterranean tradition offers a unique way of life, where the environment and gastronomy stand out in a universal way. Our efforts are focused on creating a healthier relationship between the consumer, food and that special environment where it is obtained.

In recent months a new line of business has been promoted: the import of solar panels for the development of photovoltaic projects and, in this way, the generation of clean energies that help to preserve the environment.

For this, we have reached an agreement with one of the largest manufacturers of solar panels in the world and will accompany it in its expansion process.


In Mediterranean Way, we offer a comprehensive service “from the producer to the final customer”, combining product research, the highest standards in safety and quality, logistics efficiency and the legal requirements of the market.

From our legal department, Sánchez&Parè Abogados, we offer all guarantees to execute investment projects or international contracts.

Since our foundation, Mediterranean Way has opted for the Asian market as the main internationalization route.

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