Mediterranean Way, specialized in the internationalization of the company and in the export of quality products, has supported a family winery within the whole export and import process of a first container into China.

For several years, Bodega Otero Vaquera has been producing signature wines that markets mainly in Spain and the rest of Europe to small restaurants and wine connoisseurs who request their wines on a small scale.

A few months ago, a Chinese businesswoman passing through the region fell in love with their wines and decided to import them into the eastern country. From that moment, Mediterranean Way and EUCN-HN have coordinated the entire logistics and customs operation to deliver the exquisite merchandise in DDP conditions.

Mediterranean Way

Internationalization represents great opportunities and in fact, it is a fundamental step to take in the expansion of any company. Taking this step in the hands of professionals is essential to enter in the safest and most effective way, minimizing risks and mistakes.

Our work and our greatest desire are to bring quality products wherever they are required. In Mediterranean Way, we take great pride in our integral service from the producer to the consumer, combining product research, the highest standards in food safety and quality, logistics efficiency and legal market requirements.

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