Mediterranean Way, a Spanish company specialized in international trade, invites you to discover Extremadura, one of the best kept natural treasures in Spain.

Extremadura is a natural paradise in the southwest of Spain, quite unknown even for Spanish people. A peaceful and quiet place, with little industry and rich in nature, agriculture and livestock.

It is the region between the two mayor capital cities of the Iberian Peninsula: Madrid and Lisbon, making Extremadura the main link of connection.

Extremadura is well known for its quality of life, abundant in natural resources, with more than 20 natural reserves and protected areas. And the most important: the low levels of pollution or any other environmental problems.

And it is the region with the most kilometres of inland coast in Spain and one of the longest in Europe, with four river basins and forty dams.

Extremadura is one of the main producers of wine, olive oil, pork, tomato, fruit or honey. Its rich gastronomy offers the best from Spain.

Autumn offers us the opportunity to enjoy its main charms: from the Ambroz Valley, north of the region, to Jerez de Los Caballeros, down south.

With the vintage finished, the first wines appear. Finally the olive campaign started a few days ago and the oil mills begin to fill their empty tanks.

But perhaps the most characteristic, in the eyes of the tourist, is the ‘dehesa’…this Mediterranean ecosystem, unique in the world, which during these months gives us its greatest splendour. Until well into winter just the best Iberian pig will enjoy the ‘montanera’.

Between forests of oaks and cork oaks will eat its fruit, the acorn, to take those necessary kilos before becoming the most delicious delicacy that this land offers us.


Mediterranean Way brings you the best product selection from this land and also offers you a private trip to discover this paradise like no one else has ever imagined…come and live it!



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